Welcome To The Fusion Sim-Racing Dirt Series Season 2

The Fusion Sim-Racing Dirt Series runs on Wednesdays. No qualifying, all races are random starts. The setups that will be ran are included in each track or attached to race night emails for your convenience. Lucky Dog rewards are given the same as in Cup and Nationwide.

The Fusion Sim-Racing Dirt Series uses the Hobby Stock mod.

The Hobby Stock mod can be found here.
The Hobby Stock templates can be found here.
The Pit Crew templates be found here.

Race Night: Wednesday
Practice Time: 8:00 PM EST
Race Start: 9:00 PM EST
Setups: Fixed (included with the tracks, see the schedule)
Weather: Realistic
Race length: Two 50 lap races
Pit Frequency: 1x
Damage: Moderate

An email message will be sent to all drivers registered for this series prior to race. Included in this email will be all of the information you will need to be prepared to race - setup details, IP for server, passwords, etc.

Fusion Sim-Racing Dirt Series Season 2 Schedule
1 Milwaukee Dirt Mile/Milw1_358 11/2/2011 50 Kenny Hendershot/Ben Holzwarth
2 Niagara Dirt Park 2010/Niagara_358 11/9/2011 50 Randy Koshatka/Dave Pittser
3 Bridgewater Raceway Park 2011/br358 11/16/2011 50 Randy Koshatka/Adam Maxwell
4 Williamsgrove 2011/358_Wgrove 11/30/2011 50 Jarrid Boiros/Adam Maxwell
5 Syracuse Night/Syracuse_358 12/7/2011 50 Ben Holzwarth/Ben Holzwarth
6 Lowes Dirt Track 2011/<358_Lowes> 12/14/2011 100 Jarrid Boiros
7 Ransomville Speedway 2011/358_Ransomville 12/21/2011  50 Adam Maxwell/Ben Holzwarth
8 Moose River Raceway 2011/358_Moose2 12/28/2011  50 Dave Pittser/Dave Pittser
9 Hamilton Dirt Complex 2012/358_Hamilton 1/4/2011  50 Jarrid Boiros/Randy Koshatka
10 Clayton Raceway 2011/Clayton_358 1/11/2011  50 Jarrid Boiros/Randy Koshatka
11 King County 2011/358_KingCtounty 1/18/2011  50 cancelled
12 Rochester Raceway/Roch_358 1/25/2011  50 cancelled